Saturday, July 19, 2008


Dark Knight was everything i expected it to be. The comic book world has now transcended into a believable reality. Christopher Nolan has managed to turn this screenplay into something that viewers can actually see as something that could very well happen within our cities. The fact that he limited the use of CGI showed how authentic he wanted the Dark Knight to be. The cinematography sets its self apart from any superhero. Gotham is dark and gritty, reminiscent to Frank Miller's work on the Batman comics..

This is the first superhero movie in which the movie does not solely revolve around the superhero. Most importantly, this movie shows the rise and fall of another hero and how it affects the society around him. This was primarily a battle between Harvey Dent and The Joker. Both men are fighting to control Gotham City with the caped crusader caught in the mix. Although Batman is helping by fighting crime, he is stuck at a crossroads. He has realized that a true hero has surpassed anything he could have done. Harvey Dent has managed to rid the city of scum, all without wearing a mask.

Bruce realized that his time is done and that he should step aside. His decision is stopped by a screeching hault when Harvey turns over his good deeds for a life of hatred and revenge. This is all thanks to the Joker. Probably the best portrayal of villain anyone has ever seen. Heath Ledger (R.I.P) captured the pain and anguish that lies inside Joker's past and turned it into a psycopathic murderer with no remorse. Joker's schemish ways has poisoned a man who was once trying to stop him, and now has guided him in the same psychological path he is taking.

I won't go into it anymore, I'm still trying to digest what I have seen. No doubt this has turned my whole vision on DC and what they are trying to accomplish in the film industry. In my opinion they have blown the roof over X-Men and Spiderman. Dark Knight accomplished a sense of realism through its dark setting and Law & Order esque screenplay that will most likely be a stepping stone for future superhero movies to come.

WATCHMEN Preview coming within the week...and trust me, im KNOWLEDGEABLE