Friday, June 5, 2009

Hiya DUR

Haven't been on this thing for awhile now eh? Well the Black Scale Pop Up shop was a success. Hella heads came out to support and party with the fam. It was koo meeting new people (Tones and Mike wasup!). So since its Summer, me and the BLOOP SQUAD have alot of stuff coming out this season. VideoTreats will make its return along with a video feature on the Pop Up shop. So production issues and artwork has halted the first BLOOP shirts, but do not worry..its is releasing in June. I'm really stoked on this venture, hopefully you guys will be able to support this movement.

me on the bike

in the red hat (so I have this thing with always turning away with shots)

Found a good one with the homie JZA, Tones, J-Billion, Wahid, & Ali

Black Scale in store exclusives are now available for purchase through the online store @
JZA has a new video up @ GameRecognizeGame