Saturday, March 14, 2009


As it stand, each state has its own professional team which comes with caps, tees, and jackets. The first drop consists of the New York Paper Chasers, Washington Dead Presidents, California Rushers, and The Atlanta Bankheads. My favorite team right now is the Paper Chasers, I'm loving the flip off!

Heres the official word from the Commish!

A person who is trained or skilled at money-making and contends for massive wealth on a journey to higher earning.

The League of Financial Champions is composed of money-minded teams representing cashletes all over the nation, re-enforcing that the same principles and concepts of sport can be applied to the art of money-making. Anyone with knowledge or love of sports can become financially successful.

Cashletes™ is the official team merchandise of The League of Financial Champions, and is a product of love for the game and dedication to the everlasting journey to higher earning.

Official Site - HERE


The Imaginary Zebra said...

you designed these?


Good looks on the write up!


Good looks on the write up!