Saturday, January 10, 2009

These Past Couple Of Veeks

"Yes Bitch go get me mah coffee!"

Me and the Invisible Stripes crew got some stuff down for the next run of New Eras.
If you guys liked the I's one they did awhile back...wait til u see what we got in store for you!

While packing, I found these...fuckin old school man!

Beer+Internet+2k9 = FUN

So...i was sick

Today, Hung out with Alfred..talked about the brand and future things. Went back to Invisible Stripes so he can congregate with Chris and Tom....this summer will be ginormous for BLVCK SCVLE.


Dex said...

hell of a week man... can't wait to see the new era's.. and i gotta see whats poppin SCVLE.. none the less good luck with it all...

JrRoc23 said...


stay busy bro