Friday, December 12, 2008



So ALIFE Hollywood has set up a display piece inside there store. They constructed a bigger scale model of one of the most controversial pieces in Modern Art History. If you can guess what the piece is and who is it by, I'll give you a high five.


No more chatbox...lets make this page look more cleaner and sleek, if thats possible haha.

Also keep in mind that BLVCK SCVLE fitted caps drop at INVS this weekend. They are one of only 2 bay area retailers to carry the brand..Limited quantities so pick it up along with the Billions cap and flannel.

I totally forgot....W2BB has surpassed one year of stupid shit and random thoughts..GOOD for me..GOOD for you


seantalicante said...

standing urinal for women i think right??? i dunno who its by tho

THE JZA said...

BOO, THAT MAN. sorry sean.

its the Fountain by "R. Mutt" aka dada artist Marcel Duchamp.

The Enai Q said...

homie on point!

highh fivvvvvveeeeeuhh

JZA said...

nigga, i go to art schooollll

The Enai Q said...

in return, that kinda made u exempt from this trivia question hahahah

seantalicante said...

fuck that shit yo.

hahahhaha man i hella thought i was right

The Enai Q said...

women doin squats in bathrooms...hahaha