Thursday, October 2, 2008

NBA 2k9 Demo is out NOW

Live on Xbox360 and Ps3...that last post was fake LOL, was a display box.

Just watched some videos and it is amazing. Some dont like it, but remember dont review it until the final build which ships tuesday. By the way NERD is in the game, dont know how many songs but Spazz is in there.

I promised not to play until i have the copy in my hands. October 7th and beyond hit me up if u wanna play...XBL: theEnaiQ. is league 2K Sports put together. You play online against ppl, but the catch is that ur gamertag is assigned to a professional athlete's fictional team. So how many wins u get (u can play as any team) adds to the overall score of the fictional team. The list of people you can play for are: Iguodala, Billups, Oden, Ellis, Nash, Rose, Boozer, and Garnett.

Game on