Monday, October 6, 2008

Lil' Cutty

So back in March, I entered in the Diamond Supply Co. tshirt design contest. Cartoons are my shit, so I always wanted to see what would it be like to make a little diamond dude. Very simplified, if I were to bling out the diamond, it would take away the emphasis on the whole deal (body, hat, legs, and hands). So I went for the Oswald approach (If you dont know him, you shouldnt really be watching cartoons).

I didnt win sadly hahah. Just recently Nick decided to use my character as part of his brand. The character dubbed as "LIL CUTTY" is now Diamond's little mascot. He will make its first appearance on a shirt as part of their lineup for Zumiez. So I'm thinking this will be available at every Zumiez retailer. You'll maybe see him sometime in the future as part of other designs, so keep ur eyes open.

Thanks Nick for the opportunity!

Coming Soon.