Friday, August 15, 2008


Probably the craziest thing I have heard that is going to be in NBA 2K9!

"For starters, there's now five-on-five online play. That means that every player on the court is now controlled by another human. I know what you're thinking, "How much fun can it be when you don't have the ball?" Well, 2K Sports put the time in to try and make sure that there is plenty to do. Players can use deny defense, but run the risk of having the player they're guarding push by them in a quick cut in the opposite direction. The push and the deny defense are totally user controlled and need to be used wisely.

When the player on offense makes that cut the man on defense can tug on his jersey to slow him down. Do it too long and the refs will spot it and whistle you for a foul. How well you play your position and synergize with the rest of your team determines your Team 2K rating. The game uses the values to let people know what kind of player you are online. Play like a jackass and you'll have to invest some time to earn back respect."

source: IGN