Monday, August 11, 2008

Jockin Jay Z

UPDATE - Dirty Version
Jay Z - Jockin' Jay Z (Dope Boy Fresh)

Thoughts and Opinions.

I was disappointed by Jockin Jay-Z because i expected better of Jay-Z and Kanye. Instead I got a Millie-esque beat, and Jay dropping some simple rhymes, which wasn't terrible, just not the best I've heard from Jay.

My favorite part of the song is the guitar it represents a new sound for Mr. West. I have a strong feeling we may hear this rock/guitar sound more often. Jay's lyrics were not the best of his career but they definitely get the job done with the whole "Jockin'" theme of the song.

My only beef wit the song is just it doesn't sound like
nothing new...this is why I was hoping for the Timbo
thing to come together because he sounded like
he had a great concept that would be refreshing for
someone like Jay-Z

But im always happy to hear some new Jay

Seriously though, the beat is pure grunge-rock mixed with hip-hop. I love what kanYe did with it. Simple, yes, but effective.
Grunge-rock in the dictionary : a style of rock music characterized by a raucous guitar sound and lazy vocal delivery.