Saturday, August 30, 2008


"Put On" really got me hyped for what Jeezy had cooking up in his new album. That Hype turned into shame. This shit offered nothing new, i skipped every track because they sounded the same. I choose LAX over Recession anyday. Game offered dope beats and he even switched his style a bit in a couple of songs. Jeezy's flow, got me tired...sorry, but at least you're endorsing a candidate that could very well help and stimulate our economy! KUDOS!

Always been interested in DJ Neil Armstrong's mixes ever since my cousins babbled about him and when I saw him at the HEART OF THE CITY TOUR. I never got around to listening to his shit, until now. Ever since I got ahold of Smoove..I've been listening to them nonstop. I've luckily gathered some of his dope mixes. Maybe, I'll post the ones I have...MAYBE =D