Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Spirit

The Spirit is a Sunday newspaper comic strip/ book created and written by Will Eisner back in the 1940's. It tells a story of Detective named Denny Colt who dies and comes back to life as a masked avenger named The Spirit. This twisted genre follows him as he fights crime in New York City/ Central City with elements of horror, mystery, and comedy.

DC comics later brought the masked vigilante into their universe, teaming up with DC hero BATMAN in a collaborative comic thats pits the two crusaders against each others villains.

Frank Miller, creator of Sin City and 300, takes on the role of writing and directing The Spirit into a feature film. Cast includes Gabriel Macht (The Spirit), Samuel L. Jackon (The Octopus), Scarlett Johansson (Silken Floss), and also Eva Mendes (Sand Saref). Frank will continue to use his Film Noir esque style along with heavy silhouettes and stunning visuals. Along with the movie, there are talks of The Spirit to be reincarnated into a radio show just like Dick Tracy. Movie comes out December 2008.