Saturday, June 7, 2008

Double You Tee Eff of the day/WBJPIB Part 5

So I'm at work and i get a text from my mommy saying "we are in line to see BJ Penn and get our poster signed." I was like..WHAT THE FUCK!? But anyway, in vegas i cracked open one of those big advertising kiosks they have in the middle of the mall with the light up posters and jacked a UFC 84 poster. Mama took it home and said she was going to get it signed by him. Sure enough mama came through. I love my mother. These are the times i wished i was in hawaii. Check it!

The Prodigy

Thats the poster I jacked. My mom is the best.

Totally not looking Dad got pwnd.

EDIT: I finally located some youtube action of the fight I went to a coupla weeks ago. I know this is hella late but, holla.

SO. BJ Penn remains to be a beast. The video is of what I witnessed on May 24th. BJ Penn being a beast. It was my first UFC fight live and it was the shit. The Rock, Shaquille o Neil, David Spade were there to witness the glory

During the lightweight championship bout, BJ and Sean exchanged punches for two rounds (BJ connecting all of his shots, Sean just being gay). Periodically, the crowd (and myself) would chant, "Steeerrrrrrooiidsssss" and "B-J."
As the third round wound down (NICE.) with less than 10 seconds left, BJ LANDS a rocking right hook that sends Sean into the wall. If you notice in the video, BJ stops in his tracks with a golden look on his face like, "OMFG, I am about to serve this guy the daily news. And by daily news I mean punching him repeatedly." and charges Sean with a flying knee followed by a barrage of facial punches


some flicks from the fight


UFC Referee Steve Mazzagati

Was THERE man.