Thursday, May 8, 2008


Iight there has been alot of requests for this one ever since people been watching Ryan Leslie's youtube videos. I'm thinkin I posted this before, but oh well here it is.

Ryan Leslie released his first studio album, Just Right in 2005. Due to the low sales, it was forced to be taken off the shelves and to be sold as promotional use only. This is what I have for the album, theres extra tracks thrown in but they're good none the less..ENJOY

Ryan Leslie - Just Right + Bonus Tracks
1.The Way You Move Girl (feat. Nas)
3.Used To Be (feat. Fabolous)
4.Just Right (feat. Snoop Dogg)
5.Rock U
6.Please Please Please
7.Golden Days
8.You Think You Know (feat. Corey Williams)
9.Back To Love
10.It's Love (That I Feel)
11.In Love With You
12.Ready (feat. Ivko & Talib Kweli)
13.Promise To Call
14.The One
15.My Woman (feat. Loon)
16.You Need Somebody
17.Ven Aqui (feat. Corey Williams)
18.Taste Of You Love