Sunday, May 25, 2008


The First Avenger: Captain America is coming in 2011. 6 Weeks after the movie's release is the Avengers movie. Eventhough it is way far from now..nothing wrong with sharing tidbits concerning the Avengers.

Captain America's shield is spotted in Tony Stark's workshop in IRON MAN. The upcoming HULK movie also sets up the origin story of the Captain. General Ross talks about a super soldier project that begun during World War II. Tony Stark also makes a cameo in the HULK film, possibly to further spark the Avenger project.

Iron Man 2 will release in 2010 with Thor coming right after. Ant Man is still under development, but will release around the time as Iron Man and Thor. Most likely we will see more cameos from fellow Avenger members in each film to set up forthcoming movie.


juanpeezee said...

thats amazing
...i can't wait