Sunday, April 20, 2008


Havent been on this bitch like a nigga with a STD......too soon? haha anyways, watched Kanye in Sacramento. Other than the slight technical difficulties and wrong CITY NAME, it was all good. The visuals were stunning, he definitely put some time into this. Lupe killed it of course. OKAY RIGHT OFF THE BAT IF U DONT KNOW ANY LYRICS OR SONGS BY LUPE OTHER THAN KICK PUSH OR SUPERSTAR THAN UR FUCKIN WACK...
N.E.R.D. rocked the house =D..Chad gave away BBC/IC shirts as well. Rihanna i took a food break.

So everyone and there mama are wondering about these Air Yeezy's. These have been in the work for quite sometime. I remember seeing a picture of him drawing shit out with Tinker Hatfield. Then the actualy debut at the Grammys. They are nice, they actually glow in the dark.