Saturday, April 5, 2008

it isn't real..IS IT?

So this is one of the Phyz X designs I have been working on and off due to school and procastination. Many more are to come, but we mutually agreed to use this for now. The character is a Yeti, named Chuck..haha dont ask. For his face i drew inspiration from X-Men because at that time I was watching that in the student lounge. The hair is somewhat of Wolverines and the facial proportion is drawn from Magneto. I envisioned Phyz X Productions to be a MONSTER in the near future which was one of the reasons I chose the Yeti. It jus exemplifies being MAJOR in whatever you do. The original color scheme used to be lime green, but temporarily we have decided to use cool colors. So while your at it, click the PHYZ X bar up top and watch some video created by JZA. This year, expect a whole bunch of videos, skits, and documentaries to come from the PHYZ.