Tuesday, April 29, 2008

History Lesson

So I have been heavily studying in my Art History class and I realized how magnificent these works of art really are. I also noticed how MANY streetwear brands are unoriginal and feel a need to parody famous artists. I guess if people buy it, then kudos to you. Here are some notable ones that sparked my attention.

Barbara Kruger is a Post Modernist who explores the ideas of sex, power, and cultural identity. She relies heavily on text and images that imitates the mass media. Black, red, and white are her color mediums and Future Bold Italic is her signature font.

Jacques Louis David is a French painter who pertained to the Neoclassicism style. He would express his art as didactic, propagandic, and classical. His painting, "Death of Marat", tells the story of a radical who is murdered by his Royalist supporter. This showed the power of propaganda, and exhibited that the Revolution remained illusive and the fight was far from over.

Probably my favorite artwork is from Georgia O' Keefe. The "Radiator Building...Night" is an example of early American Modernism in the 20th century. The precision of line and simple geometric objects shows the simple yet effect art. The flat planes and precise lines makes the composition very energetic and dynamic.

This will be a weekly basis, so get ready...for a MIND EXPLOSION