Monday, April 28, 2008

4/29 releases - Lil Mamadonna

OKAY, okay.. this is obviously for my gruhhs.. and some boys? haha..

But on a real note, I had a listen of both
Madonna's 'Hard Candy' and Lil Mama's 'VYP:Voice of the Young People'. They're probably not a typical choice to purchase, but I wouldn't lie, they're both actually pretty good.

If you're still a fan of Britney..well.. FUCK BRITNEY, Madonna's making a come back--and we all know she's classic. Plus, she snatched up producers Timbo and Pharrell, along with Justin("4 Minutes") and Kanye("Beat Goes On") on the two hottest tracks.

And you're probably like,

I personally think Lil Mama is underrated. There's more behind her poppin lip gloss. (HAH!) Cuz don't'll dance to her tracks and slap em in the car, and she really is talented for her age. Radio and TV put a bubble gum persona over her, but if you really listen to her, the girl can SPIT. I give her mad respect being a young ass girl in the music industry tryna rap, and still stay true to the.. "young people".

so COP, $9.99 Madonna and $11.99 Lil Mama a
t BEST BUY (holla at #660, natomas, cali.)

or at least download them, and open your mind.. =)


Colette x MTTM x Reebok....


L$D said...

for her age?
lil mama is @ least 22.
real talk.

tee are uh said...

real talk, she was born in 1989 thanks and please stay tuned to the bird =)