Monday, March 24, 2008

ROFL..Random but GODDAM

6am on my way to class, i was listening to some morning show on KBLX. Sports updates, current events BLAH BLAH. Suprisingly, they finally came with some interesting news. They did a little research and found out about the whereabouts of the Jacksons. Heres what they dug up...

Tito - Musician playing in small venues earning around $500 a gig.
Jermaine - Living in and out of his girl's home and his parent's home.
Marlon - Works at a grocery store.
Randy - Mechanic for friend's autoshop.
Jackie - Failed to promote his son's rap career, living with parent's.
Joe (father) - Promoting girl acts in Las Vegas.

god dam they REALLY need a Reunion Tour bad. JAMOAN!


Here are some R&B joints to take a gander at..

Boxie - Let Me Show You
(shit sounds like im back in the 90's, the goodtimes)
Razah - Rain


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