Monday, March 10, 2008


Visited HomeRoom Clothing Offices in the Mission District after class to see the happenings and upcomings yada yada. I guess the building was newly painted being that the fumes carried in. It was a mix of white paint and tootsie rolls? I dont know, that was my first observation after getting a whiff of it. I learned alot from Alex, Gian and my sister in a short amount of time. Even the small talk they had with each other was pretty useful knowledge. This will most likely be weekly visit because even if you sit there and watch them on their cant really get bored. FYI, more pics of the HomeRoom HUF hoody will be up soon.

Alex on AIM talking about cupcakes

MySpace is essential for her work

Are you in there?


..and might i fuckin add that these were taken with an iPhone? cmon cuhs shit is real out here