Wednesday, February 13, 2008


SO by now, everyone has watched Kanye West's new video, Flashing Lights which premiered on MTV, not BET. How Odd? Anyways, i was really disappointed, after all this hype and anticipation..we're stuck with a dumbed down version of Cant Tell Me Nothin'. There were alot of rumors circulating that this video is part of a 3 part series (notice in kanye's blog how he had a different picture for the video the first time he mentioned the video!), but nothings for sure as of right now. My homie P4F made an interesting point, "He was pissed that he didnt win video of the year and justice won, then he comes with that?" Im not sure what to think as of right now, but there better be other videos to compensate for this shit.

It official, im going to the Glow In The Dark Tour. I tried buying the tickets in class with my iPhone, but i kept getting crappy tickets (dam the internet on the phone was darn fast). Im thinking the less u buy, the better seats you would get, but I had to buy 8 tickets so yehh. After 100 refreshed pages later, me and my fellow associates decided to get a certain section. Its good enough, Tee told me ARCO is pretty small so hopefully everything turns out well. See you people there April 18th.