Friday, February 1, 2008

Catch Some Air

It's finally here! The MacBook Air is now on display and on sale
at all Apple retail stores. Seeing this thing in person is
unreal. Its shrink wrapped and packaged in a black iPhone-esque box.
Its appearance is pretty impressive, however, its current
configurations may prove otherwise. The $1799 model has only a 1.6Ghz
processor with an 80gb hard drive. Whereas, the $3099 model has a
1.8Ghz processor but with a 64GB solid-state hard drive. In addition (or lack of), the peripherals include three things: 1 usb port, 1 headphone output, and 1 micro-dvi output (adapter included). If thats doesn't unsatisfy you even more, there is NO optical drive. It is an external accessory ($99).

It gives me mixed feelings. Sort of like magicians...kinda cool but
kinda gay.

Check them out for yourself! Call into the Emeryville location to set
up a personal shopping appointment to learn more