Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Apple be nimble, Apple be QUICK

...Quick with the re-up's that is. Apple is like that one kid at daycare, who had the latest and coolest toys. Then once alll the other kids got what he was playing with, he trashed that shit and got something else cooler.

Apple has (yet again) released a revamp of it's most popular powerful portable machine, the MacBook Pro. Most of the specs and peripherals have remain the same but all of them now have a MULTI-TOUCH trackpad!. whoo. All the cool shit you could do with your fingers on an iPhone you can do on the new MBP!
-New base model specs: 2.4 processor (used to be 2.2), 200GB hardrive
-better model with a 2.5GHz processor with a 250GB hard drive....same thing for the best 15 AND 17 inch model with optional 2.6GHz processor.

even better, the prices havent changed for any of that!

...anyone wanna buy a used MacBook Pro?


KnUcKleHeAd Kid said...

how much for a used pro homie!!!