Thursday, January 31, 2008

Why BJ Penn is a Beast...reprise.

This is a late update, but I finally found a video on youtube that hasn't been deleted because of copyright violations. Anyway, Two weeks ago, UFC 80 Rapid Fire took place. No other fight mattered to me more than the return of BJ Penn. After almost a year since his Welterweight Championship loss to George St. Pierre, BJ came back ready and more focused than ever. At UFC 80, he won the Lightweight Championship belt from Joe Stevenson from a rear naked choke submission. This video is the second round; in the first round BJ and Joe took it to the ground and BJ gave Joe the best elbow ever. Joe suffered a 2 inch gash on his forehead (hence all the blood in the second round.)

Long story short, I love BJ Penn. He is my idol. He's a World Champion jiu jitsu athlete. He's hawaiian. He's the watch the video.


The Enai Q said...

holy fuck man haah