Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Scorchin Vol.14 / Diamond Drop at 12pm

Back in my junior year of High School, me and my friend Angelo (aKa UH HUH) made compilations of songs that we thought were cool to listen to.None of that hard, gritty, bass filled music, but something you can jus sit back relax to. It was sort of our response to KBLX radio in a way. We haven't made one in a year and a half so I thought it was only right to make another and share it with other people. We actually made 13 of these, it's basically limitless since theres so much great R&B and Hip Hop music going around even if you dont see it.

1.Chingy feat. Amerie - Fly Like Me
2.3rd Storee - Get Wit Me
3.Trey Songz - Long Gone Missin'
4.Lupe Fiasco feat. Yummi Bingham - Much More
5.DeBarge - Who's holding Donna Now
6.Soul IV Real - All In My Mind
7.Diligentz - Hide N' Seek
8.Drake - Special
9.U-N-I - Do Wit Me
10.Kanye West - I Wonder


Disc 2

11.J.Holiday - Without You
12.Lupe Fiasco - Paris, Tokyo
13.Trey Songz - No Clothes On
14.Ryan Leslie - Promise Not To Call
15.Omarion & Bow Wow - Cant Get Tired Of Me
16.Diligentz - Weekend $
17.Drake - Thrill Is gone
18.Jay Z - All I Need
19. Musiq Soulchild - Infatueighties
20.Ryan Leslie - Back To The Love
21.Drama feat. Lloyd, Willie Da kid & T.I. - No More
22.DeBarge - I Like It


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At 12pm, Diamond Supply Co. will drop 11 new colorways of the Diamond x BLVCK SCVLE collabo and a new colorway of the DVS J-DUBB's. Just like any other Diamond release, do not sleep because this shit does sell out fast, probably faster than any other brand right now.