Sunday, January 20, 2008


Saturday went to my cousin's crib to hang out with the rest of my cousins. My sister(BlahBlahVie) was suppose to go but she had Pneumonia, that suckkkksss. Went to Elephant Bar for dinner, some good shit you know...that teryaki chicken? YES YES. Got back to the place and set up all the ROCK BAND instruments, we were all amped to play. Once i sat down in front of the drums, I realized something that could have ended the whole god dam PARTY...I brought all the instruments, but forgot the actual game itself hahahah. We were all freaking out/ pissed off figuring out a way to play. My cousin Jay suggested we head out to Target to buy a copy. Man I felt like shit that he had to buy a copy, but he said he wanted it anyways. On the freeway to Daly City, we got the call from Jodie that Target does not have anymore copies! Luckily, BEST BUY had a full stock. She told us the store closes at 9, it was 8:54 and we didnt even fuckin exit yet....We were sweatin balls, NO HOMO. Fortunately, every stop light was green so we had 2 minutes to spare. I jumped out of the car and ran inside looking for the game. Jay came in and said..."Dude the store closes at 10." WOW are u fuckin' kidding me? Hahaha..While we were there I decided to look around. I went to the comedy section and LOOK WHAT I FOUND:

HELL YEHHH, DEMETRI MARTIN: PERSON. This guy is fuckin hilarious.

Anyways, we got back and started to play our "set". Took intermission shots of Patron, HOE. During the this whole routine, everyone kept pressing the back button..shit was getting me pissed for some reason hahah. Everyone took turns playing the drums, only a couple were able to survive. The microphone was passed around alot too, we all lasted..cuz goddam we're some good singers.

It took awhile for everyone to get the hang of the game but in the end we got it pretty down, it twas EPIC. The funny thing is, drinking got us tired for some reason? One by one everyone began to slowly knock out. Jay was the first, sleeping on the floor. Then after that, Andy(Blarble) and Mitz left..then Jodie..I stayed awake for another 2 hours, cuz for some reason Home Improvement was gah dam FUNNY.

Heres a video of Weezer - Buddy Holly. We lost because MITZ messed up on drums..hahahah. I'll post more videos when my cousin finishes uploading.



mitzyann said...

youtube is hella gay. i cant even upload 1 cuz it keeps fucking up.

hey and i had never played the drums before biatch!!!