Monday, January 14, 2008

LUPE FIASCO @ The Fillmore

So Sunday was the Lupe show. Me and TeeAreUh got there around 7 when the doors opened. Stood around for a bit thinking there was no opening act but nope..there was. The guy that opened for him went by the name of OPTIMUS..the dude and his band are pretty dam good. They sound like a mix of Hip Hop, Reggae and Rock. After that we stood there for another good 30 minutes waiting for Lupe to perform. His band, 1500 or Nothin' set up the stage along with DJ Simon Says.

Anyway, Lupe and Bishop G rushed to the stage to the song "Real". If you have seen the AOL concert, then my summary is somewhat the same. The big difference between this and AOL concert was that Lupe told a story after each song. "Feel Good" was a good track to play along with "Touch the Sky". He described the crowd as a person and reminised about the good time "we" had with him in Chicago. "Intrumental" got the crowd amped, jumping was ultimately second nature to everyone haha. After that he did songs like "Sunshine", "I Gotcha", "He Say she Say" "Hurt Me Soul". "Pressure" got everyone psyched because Lupe threw up the ROC before the song hit and we all wondering if Jay Z ws coming, well for me it did hahah. "The Cool" was cool haha, everyone chanted "HUSTLER FOR DEATH NO HEAVEN FOR A GANGSTA". It was crazy to see that only me and Tee were rapping along with him, everyone else was bobbing or trying to pretend to sing along...WACKKK hahah. Lupe reminisced on how he saw a sign in Chicago of George Bush (everyone boos) Lupe says, "On the sign it read No Child Left Behind...NIGGA PLEASE!". "American Terrorist" blasted the speakers while Matthew Santos quietly walks up the stage. Dude can really sing, seeing him live made me have more respect for that dude, he has vocals for days!

Another story he shared was that he landed in San Francisco, Keith Hufnagel (professional skateboarder & OWNER OF HUF) and Tommy Guerrero (famous skateboarder and crazy guitarist) picked up Lupe from the airport. They decided to skate and bomb the hills of SF. This triggered "Kick Push" to play with every one dancing along. I maybe be missing a couple more songs but they went into intermission.

During the intermission, Gemstones came out by himself and performed for a bit. He started out singing acapella (dude is a very good singer), then Simon Says played the track the got everyone wild, dont know what it was but it was sick. Lupe came out and did "The Coolest" acapella and that shit was bananas. He kicked in some new flavor by rapping it with alittle bit of a Twista style Paris, Tokyo", was probably the only song everyone knew and it was cool, everyone said FREE CHILL in unison. "Gold Watch" was very entertaining because alot of people did not know the brands he was shouting out LOL. When i looked at everyone they mumbled many of the parts like "Eddie Chen CLOT SHIT". "Little Weapon" was probably the longest song during the concert. "Little Weapon" introduced 1500 Or Nothin'. Homie on drums is one of the best i have seen, check him out on youtube...he did the drums for Jay Z's "SHOW ME WHAT U GOT". "Hip Hop Saved My Life" was a good performance too, with everyone yelling Hip Hop Saved My Life. "Street On fire" showed more of Matthew Santos singing skills.

"Dumb It Down" sounded different this time around because of the band which was awesome.During this song or some other one, Bishop G and Lupe did the SOULJA BOY dance but in fast pace LOL. Lupe jumped out to the other side of the stage like Superman hahah. Everyone went crazy for "Superstar", jumping up and down while singing. The song lasted for a good 7 minutes with lupe repeating the chorus with Matthew Santos getting alittle solo in there.
When everyone began to leave, Gemstones teased the crowd by pretended to throw his FALL OF ROME scarf...dude I swear if he threw that out, there would be a fuckin riot for that $300 scarf.

Homie, BAY CAL hooked it up with his own videos
Paris, Tokyo

I Gotcha

The Cool

The Coolest

Hip Hop Saved My Life

Gold Watch

All in all, it was a great show..the band added an extra OOOMPH to his set. It was cool for him to acknowledge the Bay Area and their cities..but WTF no shoutout to HERCULES?! hahah
I maybe missing more songs but ehh i seriously dont remember, all i know is i had a dam good time. My back is killing me but who the fuck cares..I'll post pics .


don peezy said...

i didnt even know u was there i was on the right side

The Enai Q said...

yomp, i was around the front left

smokeyyy said...

A nice compilation....I'mma download that shit right now!