Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Listen up! It's going down this friday at Hilltop Mall in San Pablo, California. The Diligentz, known for their ever so popular hit "Punk Rock" will be at Kei Stylist Kustoms for their Mixtape Release titled, Fresh Impressions 3: In Fresh We Trust. If you listened to their last 5 mixtapes (YES THATS RIGHT 5 MIXTAPES, THEYVE BEEN DOING IT) you know that these guys come correct with the hits.Stop by and shake hands, hug, dance, rap, eat, or simply just chill with the members and fellow fans. In addition to the mixtape, you can also get a limited edition t-shirt made solely for the release. Oh and did I forget, me and the JZAman will be at the release as well. WERRRRRRRRRRRRRD.

CoolGuy510: So you mean to tell me Jay Ant, Damey Dame, Pranksta Tha Kidd, Starr, DJ Slowpoke, JZAman & Enai Q will be there?
W2BB: Yes sir!
CoolGuy510: ZOMG