Monday, December 31, 2007

Evey Eve

Happy New Years Eve to all!

This year has been somewhat kool for me: Spring Break trip to LA, another job, one GREAT summer, hectic school work, and finally getting a XBOX 360.

It has also been crazy for others like: Virginia Tech shooting, SoCal wildfires, Kanye West vs. 50 Cent, Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant, and HALO 3.

As 2007 comes to close, I've been thinking of a resolution but all of them have turned to silly bullshit such as:
1.not be lazy
2.get good grades
3.make more money
oh oh haha and my favorite one, "think of a resolution".

So fuck it, every resolution I think of are pointless, so i'll make this one. 2008 Resolution, DO BIG THINGS. Eventually me and my patnah will be like Big Sean's song. "Everywhere we goooo, we knownn." DAM STRAIGHT. I will be printing a couple of promo shirts soon just for fun, so get ready to give me your GREEN. Also, expect to see webisodes for this blog and youtube, they will be guhhhhreat..

So to everyone, drink tonight and get fucked up. Call me up and we'll start some riots....WHO's DOWN?!