Tuesday, December 18, 2007

American Godfather

Since the release of Jay Z's acapella of American Gangster, DJ's and other people have been creating their own rendition of the acclaimed album. Probably the most anticipated version comes from DJ Skee. Instead of using the theme of American Gangster, Skee took a different route by using samples from the mafia classic, The Godfather. No lie..i listened to this mixtape from beginning to end, and it is crazy, GET ON IT!

01 Introduction
02 Say Hello
03 Hello Brooklyn
04 American Dreamin
05 Blue Magic
06 Dead Presidents Interlude
07 I Know
08 Party Life
09 No Hook
10 Pray
11 Politics As Usual Interlude
12 Ignorant Shit
13 Success
14 Roc Boys
15 Fallin
16 Sweet
17 American Gangster