Friday, October 19, 2007

up Chuck

Chuck Anderson is one crazy motherfucker. He makes commercial work implementing photography, graphic design, and illustration. His use of neon and bright colors contrasting to a dark edgy background is what attracts a buttload of people to his work. Don't even get me started about his clients, the list goes on and on. From McDonalds all the way to Complex Magazine, this man is limitless to what he can do. This kinda makes me wanna learn more on Photoshop, im on that CS2 can anyone hook me up with CS3 one time fam?

Probably my favorite piece of artwork he has done is with Lupe Fiasco for the Food & Liquor album. Suprisingly the album cover was voted one of the top 25 worst album covers of 2006 by Pitchforck Media...those r-tards. He recently jus collaborated with clothing brand, Reason to make a crazy new era hat. One could say that it is the Official Chuck Andrerson fitted.

peep his game

Food & Liquor Album cover

Reason New Era Fitted...FIRE!

Looks like something Kanye would do if he made a video for "I Wonder"

These prints and more are available through this online store, to play Splinter Cell: Double Agent.


sean said...

nig fuck spliter cell DA and play halo 3. oh man i've been practicing some 2k. i'm ready for you